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Successfully Prep for Back to School as a Speech-Language Pathologist

Do you know yet if you will be returning to your school site, providing services within a hybrid model, or following a distance learning model?  Check out the round-up of posts below to help you start the school year successfully no matter what model your school site(s) will be implementing!

So much is still unknown for many of us and the new school year continues to creep closer and closer leaving me wondering, what happened to our summer break this year? Hopefully, you engaged in self-care during the break. Right now it seems that self-care is more important than ever before!  If you are looking for some fresh ideas for self-care at home and work, I have you covered!

Although 2020 has had me spinning in circles, I am typically a Low-Key Type A SLP and I get myself organized during the summer months.  Last year, I provided tips on how I get organized and provided suggestions for motivation and freebies to help you get organized too! You can check out my suggestions and grab freebies for other Low-Key Type A SLPs here!

Do you have a system in place to keep you organized for RTI, screenings, evaluations, and therapy documentation? It took me several years to get my system in place.  In this blog post, I shared my organizational system and the forms. 


  • Literacy-Based Therapy: Literacy-based therapy is a wonderful way to address articulation, apraxia, phonology, language, social skills, and fluency skills!  It takes a little planning before your session but it is totally doable and is perfect for mixed groups. You can use literacy-based lessons in person or via remote learning. Check out these ideas and the lesson plan template that I use.
  • Best Resources for Student Engagement: These tools are super useful in teletherapy! However, you could also incorporate a few of them into the rotation if you are utilizing speech and language stations at your school site. 
  • Build Speech & Language Skills Using Virtual Field Trips: You can target so many goals by taking your students on a virtual field trip. I mention seven different goals in this post and the different types of field trips that will help to target them!  If you happen to be returning to your school site, you can still use virtual field trips if you have a tablet or computer access. 
  • 10 Free Digital Resources: Check out these 10 Boom Card/No Print freebies I found. They are not seasonal or holiday-themed so they can be used at any time including during back to school return!
  • Autumn Lesson Plans: I typically plan out my therapy resources by goal and season.  This post shares therapy resources that my students have enjoyed over the years and my Autumn Lesson Plans and Templates.
I hope these posts sharing self-care tips, organizational tools, and therapy ideas help you to best prepare during these uncertain times for the 2020-2021 school year!  If you have additional tips, please share in the comments below.  
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