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Winter Books for Literacy-based Speech Therapy

I love using books to target speech and language skills!  I also believe strongly that it is one of the best ways to encourage and facilitate a love for literature with kids.  Looking through my bookshelves for Winter books, it was really difficult to choose just three! There are so many fantastic winter-themed books. Here are a few of my favorite Winter books and a short-list of targeted goals that you can cover with them.

The Snowy Day
by Ezra Jack Keats

SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant blends easily with this adorable story!  Students can even practice carryover of their sounds (k, g, s, l, th, r, blends) while targeting language concepts too.

LANGUAGE: Target identification and labeling of basic vocabulary found in the print and in the pictures, work on wh-questions and yes/no questions, description of items, irregular past tense verbs, and practice sequencing and story retell!

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
by Shirley Neitzel

SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters (k, g, s, ch, l, r, clusters) easily with this cute story about enjoying a snow day!

LANGUAGE: Target semantic features (functions, part/whole, description), adjectives, prefix -un, answering wh-questions, and story retell!

How to Catch a Snowman
by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton

SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters (k, g, s, ch, sh, th, l, r, clusters) in this story. Students can even work on the generalization of their articulation skills while sharing ideas on how to catch a snowman.

LANGUAGE:  Target vocabulary building for adjectives, using context clues to build vocabulary for Tier II verbs, cause-effect relationships, and answering wh-questions!

If you do not want to have go through the books and make your own lists, I have created an easy cheat sheet for articulation words, language concepts to target, and some basic wh-questions you can ask for each book!  You can grab your free cheat sheet below.

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