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10 Earth Day Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

I think it would be wonderful if we celebrated Earth Day every day of the year instead of only one day every year (April 22nd). When I think of Earth Day, I think of family fun outside and nature walks. I know that many people would probably answer with recycling, cleaning up litter, saving water and energy. However, these are things that I feel strongly about all year-long, and teaching my daughter to do so that it becomes routine instead of activities for special occasions. That is why I love sharing activities about taking care of and enjoying the many wonders of our planet in speech therapy. Check out these ten Earth Day freebies that I found.

  1. Clean it Up Boom Cards by Panda Speech– This cute Boom card freebie includes several scenic locations with recyclable trash to put in the bin. It includes a sentence strip to help students with AAC and or building language. I also like to discuss the different environments and what animals or objects we might find in them.
  2. Earth Day Articulation Dot Art by Mia McDaniel– This dauber activity targets /r/ and r-blends. Although it was created to be used during in-person therapy sessions, it is easy to use via teletherapy too by using the annotation bar.
  3. 100 Trials Earth Day Challenge by Peachie Speechie– This is a quick no-prep one-page freebie. You can use it in your speech room or use it in teletherapy with the help of the annotation bar to cover or stamp the pictures for each trial.
  4. Earth Day Social Problem Solving by Super Power Speech– This freebie contains 16 different social situation cards! Great for social thinking, problem-solving, WH-questions, and practice of articulation carryover.
  5. I Love My Earth Multiple Meaning Words by The Speech Path for Kids– The freebie set includes word wall definitions, sorting tasks, fill in the blank, giving two meanings for a word, etc..
  6. Earth Day Language Activities by SpeechChatter– This packet has four different activities: mini storybook, word search, harmful vs. helpful scenarios, and a writing/drawing activity.
  7. Earth Day Sentence Comprehension by Mermaids for Speech– This freebie packet includes 16 sentence comprehension task cards that include wh-questions.
  8. Earth Day Context Clues by The ‘Peech Teacher– Work on vocabulary using context clues with 12 different task cards and the matching definition cards. After teaching the vocabulary, have students create a sentence using the new vocabulary word.
  9. Earth Day Following Complex Directions by GoldCountrySLP– Target temporal, directional, conditional, and multiple modifiers with this following directions freebie!
  10. Earth Day Questions, Jokes, and Open-Ended Articulation by Sparklle SLP– This fun packet has some open-ended WH-questions that can lead to great discussions, some playful jokes, and an open-ended page for articulation.

Do you have one of those inflatable earth beach balls? In the past, I have found them at the dollar store so you might find one there if you are interested in incorporating some movement in your session. This is a fun way that you can use the earth themed inflatable beach balls:

  • Students take turns naming an everyday item and passing the ball to a peer either by bouncing the ball, kicking the ball gently, rolling the ball, or tossing the ball. The student that catches the ball, uses the word to practice their goals. For example, articulation students can practice saying articulation words with their sound at their level (word, phrase, sentence). Language students can provide part-whole, descriptions, functions, generate a sentence, etc…

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