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Make sure you add self-care into your lesson plans!

Hi!  I’m Tamatha! I have been helping Speech-Language Pathologists, SLP Assistants, and Special Education Teachers keep students engaged using fun and functional therapy ideas and resources. My goal is to empower you to feel confident and prepared when providing therapy even if you are experiencing placement or caseload changes, working with mixed therapy groups, or have limited time to plan. 

You are in the right place if you are seeking …

  • a better work-life balance and less time building lesson plans
  • a less is more approach to therapy sessions and mixed groups
  • engaging resources to help your students make gains while having fun and/or
  • useful tips and ideas to share with parents to increase opportunities for carryover in the home

Engaging in innovative and productive endeavors such as therapy product creation has always been one of my personal outlets for self-care and a necessity to provide my students with the resources they need to keep them engaged and making gains while building speech and language skills. I began product creation in the early 90’s while working as a Self-contained Special Education Teacher because the funds were never available to get differentiated resources for my students and I continued creating resources as a Speech-Language Pathologist for similar reasons. 

After my daughter was born at 26 weeks, I found myself working three speech-pathology jobs in an effort to pay the extensive medical bills accumulated by her early entrance into the world.  I utilized sleepless nights brought on by insomnia and motherhood to a micro-preemie, to engage in my self-care routine of product creation for therapy. Colleagues who observed my use of the resources in therapy and during our collaborative treatment sessions, encouraged me to share the therapy products that I create with other professionals that would  benefit from them using the Teachers Pay Teachers site. While supervising student clinicians, CFY’s, SLPA’s, and when collaborating with colleagues (Preschool Teachers, Special Education Teachers), I was further inspired to share my experience and knowledge across the specialties and scopes of practice in an effort to help others save time and increase opportunities for self-care and to establish a work-life balance. 

If you would like to add self-care into your personal life lesson plans, increase your time for family and friends, and decrease the time you spend dealing with work demands (i.e. building lesson plans, preparing for therapy sessions, organizing and documentation for therapy, etc..), sign up below to get therapy tips, engaging therapy ideas, and exclusive resources and lesson plans in your email and access to my exclusive SLP freebie vault!


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