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Confessions of a Speech-Language Materials Hoarder

I am a therapy materials Junkie and a Hoarder! I admit it! I have boxes scattered around my home and a garage filled with therapy books, materials I have made, and games.

I have a 64gb jump drive more than half filled with therapy materials. I started with a 32gb iPad which I had filled within three months before moving on to a 64gb iPad. After a year, I upgraded again to a 128gb iPad. I do not have much room left on it either! I have spent too much already this school year on materials on TpT. Why? I get bored easily.

If I’m bored, then my students might get bored. We all need new, fresh, motivating materials to get us through the potentially brain draining drills that could occur if I do not plan ahead and keep things new! Plus, some materials work better for some kiddos than they do with other kiddos. The goal is to reach all of my speech students not just a select few.

I am a therapy materials Junkie and Hoarder and I am proud of it! By constantly evaluating my therapy skills, treatment plans, and materials, I am providing my students and their families with the best that I have to offer. They deserve the best.

My plan for this blog is to review apps, share what I am doing in my therapy room, and provide helpful tips. I look forward to this new adventure.

Oh! On a side note, since I’m confessing, I’m also a caffeine addict. Coffee and chocolate get me through the mornings after insomnia.

Anyone else care to confess?  I’m hoping I am not alone!


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