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Gift Ideas for New SLP Graduates

Graduation is such a special moment.  I think many of us were too relieved that one major hurdle (Grad school) was over and were mentally preparing ourselves for the last one (CF year) to enjoy it.  Therefore, I highly suggest that the new graduates that are joining the rest of us in this rewarding occupation, take the time to take a deep breath and practice some relaxation techniques.  Celebrate!  You deserve it! Pamper yourself!  You deserve that too!


If you happen to be a friend or loved one of a graduate of a Speech-Language Pathology program, here are some suggestions for wonderful gift ideas. If you are a graduate and are just trying to figure out where to start when building your magical materials empire, let’s get started!

Most, if not all of you, will already have this in your “Go-To” bag of goodies.  You can never have enough windup toys, bubbles run out, and play-doh gets all yucky and mixed.  Fresh supplies never hurt!  I have yet to run into a child that isn’t motivated by at least one of these three items. 

These reusable sticker pads are wonderful to elicit language! You can work on identifying, labeling, making requests, categories, compare/contrast, prepositions,  following directions, varied sentence structures, and so much more! You can also use them to address speech sound disorders!

Not sure what items your graduate already has, or desperately wants? Gift cards may be a solution.  For those graduates who already have a tablet of some sort, there are a lot of wonderful speech and language apps available for tablets. In addition, is a wonderful resource for SLPs whether they are new or experienced. Target and Amazon are also wonderful places to obtain gift cards from.  Target offers the wonderful $1-3 bins where materials can be found galore and Amazon offers access to some harder to find materials.

This is a wonderful tool for the SLP on the go!  It is more useful for those SLPs that go room to room, as they are not always easy to get in and out of cars (I know from experience). For those SLPs that go from school to school, a big bag would do the trick! However, if you are going from one location to another at the same school site, this is VERY handy!  They easily hold a lot of heavy materials or big-sized toys, that bags sometimes can not handle. 

Simple storybooks with pictures are wonderful tools!  Using literature, you can address language targets such as identifying, labeling, wh-questions, sequencing, etc…

I also use these resources from my store ALL OF THE TIME.   My Articulation Mash & Mark Bundle provides all sounds in all word positions, includes mixed position pages for carry-over, and many sets in the bundle also have a recurring sound page.  The S-Blends pack also includes high complexity S-clusters and the bundle also includes a Vocalic R set.  Each set has colorful playdoh mats and low ink black and white pages for when you need a quick No Prep alternative. All sets include data collection pages.  If you print the resource four pages to one using a landscape setting, they can fit into an index cardholder.  I have used the pages in this way as a quick screener when I do a modified 5-7 minute speech session, and for Response to Intervention.

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