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App Review & Giveaway: WH- Questions by Teach Speech Apps

I feel very fortunate that the developer of Teach Speech Apps offered me the opportunity to try out, review, and give away her latest app, Wh-Questions!  I will review for you the various functions of the app and provide my opinion about the app.  Although the developer provided the app, the opinions in this blog are all mine. 

One thing that I immediately loved with this app are the setting options!  You are provided a variety of options to maximize your lesson and prompting levels.  You can choose if you wish to have reinforcement feedback or not.  If so, would prefer a computerized voice feedback or sound chimes?  The voice is definitely computerized sounding which is not my preferred; however,  it does not say the same thing over and over but actually varies its comments which is great!  You also have the choice of providing sound buttons for students to touch to read the questions aloud for them instead of your reading it or the students reading it.  It is always nice to have options.  You can even choose if you want to have written word or if you want to take the sentences out because it clutters the page or maybe provides too much input especially if you are working with a kiddo with an auditory comprehension issue and want them to work on listening. The best by far though in settings is the page forward options! I have multiple apps and nothing irritates me more than when the kiddo answers and the page automatically jumps to the next question (even if the kiddo’s response was wrong).  I feel that when it does that, I lose valuable teaching moments and language expansion opportunities.  I like to use my apps for more than just what they are intended for.  Since this app provides me the option to have pages move forward by button, I get to choose when I want to move on to the next question.  I LOVE THAT!

The Wh-Questions App provides four different activities: a) Identify the Picture, b.) Answer the Questions about the Scene; c.) Drag and Drop Pictures, d.) Answer the Wh- Question.  Each of these activities consist of 10 trials. 
In Identify the Picture, a wh-question is posed and there are three pictured options.  If the kiddo chooses the wrong answer, a red box with highlight the incorrect choice and a green box will automatically highlight the correct choice.  

This activity provides you with a pictured scene and two different types of wh-questions for students to answer.  Once they have provided their answer, you can touch the question and the correct answer will appear.  This is great for automatic feedback.  I love that two different questions are asked too.  By the time the student finished the ten trials, you will have had the opportunity to gather no less than 20 opportunities for data. I personally put my settings on page forward to move by button with this activity because I can then create additional wh- questions for the pictured scene and collect even MORE data!  The one thing I wish I could do with this activity is take data via the app.  I personally wish there was a button on the bottom so I could mark if each question was correct or not so that at the end the summary could provide me with the overall data.

The Drag and Drop activity is another activity that provides multiple data collection opportunities.  IN this activity, there are three pictures and three wh-questions. You simply drag the picture to the question that it answers.  This is fun and interactive.  It also provides you with at least 30 data collection opportunities by the end of the 10 trials.  Again, this activity does not provide you with the summary for data as Identify the Picture Activity or Answer the WH-Question Activity does.  Still, it has a lot of data collection opportunities and is hands on so my daughter enjoyed the activity and she is my go-to when considering apps that my students will also enjoy!

The last activity provided is the Answer the Wh- Question.  With this activity, you can get the summary at the end and it will take your data for you!  The activity provides you with a question, and three possible answer choices.  This is great if your student is working on answering wh-questions given multiple choice options.  I don’t know about you, but I know I do not enjoy coming up with those options at the top of my head and I feel like I offer the same or far too similar choices all the time!  So I love that the app does that for me!  Also, that the choices offered by the app are not so super silly that they couldn’t be a true option and basically gives the answer to the student.  I personally feel, since I am silly by nature, that sometimes my multiple choice options may be out there and that I am giving that student a freebie, you know what I mean?
Overall impressions: This is a great app that allows me the flexibility to get more data as needed, and to take those extra teaching moments and language extension opportunities without rushing on to the next question.  Plus, the price can NOT be beat!  To learn more about this app and others made by Teach Speech Apps, you can check out the webpage here!

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