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10 Winter Holiday Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

I can not believe that the Winter break is almost here! Does your school allow you to incorporate Winter holiday activities? I have had the opportunity to work at some schools that do not allow for Winter Holiday activities to take place, other schools that have big holiday programs, and another that took an inclusion approach by celebrating and embracing all Winter holidays. Therefore, you will definitely, need to know your school and what is allowed.

To help us all make it through the last few weeks, I went in search of some fresh ideas to add to my therapy plans.  Best yet is that I found some great treats among Teachers Pay Teachers freebies!

Now, go grab yourself a nice hot cup of cocoa (or mulled wine, apple cider, etc..) and your favorite holiday cookies because this list of freebies and the blog posts below will make the last weeks of planning that much easier!  Check out these ten Winter holiday-themed freebies I found!

  1. Hanukkah Cut and Paste Freebie by Practically Speeching – This freebie targets Hanukkah vocabulary and includes reinforcer pages using a menorah and a dreidel.
  2. Christmas Open-Ended Games by Speech Therapy Plans – You can target following directions, articulation, vocabulary and more with this little packet of games.
  3. Winter 100 Trials Articulation Drill Sheets by Frugally Speaking SLP – This fun packet includes 8 different sheets to color while practicing drills.
  4. Christmas Stocking Craft by Speech Sprouts – So much language can happen when making crafts!  To top it off, this craft pack also has vocabulary building opportunities and ST- blend drill cards.
  5. Winter Holiday Sequencing by SpeechWise – This cute freebie includes two stories with 4-sequence cards per story. It also includes suggested questions for each story and writing prompts to expand on the ideas.
  6.  No Prep Winter Language Freebie by Teach Speech 365 – This great freebie is jam-packed with language opportunities such as working on idioms, antonyms, wh-questions, describing, context clues, and more!
  7.  Winter Social Cues by Speech Me Maybe – This is an adorable way to target multiple pragmatic language skills such as using manners, interpreting emotions, inferencing, problem-solving, etc…
  8.  Winter Holiday Articulation Freebie for S, Z, R by Communication Window – This sweet treat includes word lists, a bingo game, and a word search.
  9. Winter Inferencing Freebie by Splashy Speech Stuff – This can be printed as task cards (four to a page) to incorporate into a game or just as it is on a tablet.
  10. Christmas themed Cariboo cards for Emotions by Mia McDaniel – This is just too cute for words! Not only does it contain the different emotions of Santa and the Gingerbread Man but it also contains questions as to why they may be feeling that way.

Looking for more FREE ideas?  Check out these blog posts!

Snow Activities for Speech Therapy by Crazy Speech World – Super cute ideas to incorporate ‘snow’ into speech therapy.  It also includes how to make some good smelling snow for speech!
Speech Igloos for Articulation by Crazy Speech World – Super simple but cute craft that kids can take home for carryover!

I hope your last days leading up to Winter break are amazing and filled with the sweet success of your students making gains with their speech and language skills!  Happy (early) Holidays! Whatever you may celebrate!

Do you know of any other amazing Winter Holiday Freebies?  If so, please share in the comments below!

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