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10 Pirate Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

I have always enjoyed ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ in speech therapy!  I think I have as much fun as the kids do by pulling out my pirate patch and hook and spending the day pretending I am on a search for treasure!  Check out these ten Pirate freebies that I found.

  1. WH Pirate Questions by Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg– This packet includes who, what, where, when, why, and how questions all with a pirate theme! I’m excited to use this!
  2. Fun for a Pirate by Activity Tailor– These open ended drill pages are engaging.  You can easily use dice with these pages or a spinner.
  3. Pirate Talk by Nicole Brezel– This free packet includes conversation starters using open-ended questions.  Great for expanding conversation and working on reasoning too!
  4. Pirate Clues Early Inferencing by Peachie Speechie – Provide students a copy of the visual clues page and see if they can determine which pirate themed item is being described.  Great for working on descriptions too.
  5. Talk like a Pirate Speech and Language Activities by Tech N’ Talk SLPs– This packet has fun ideas for articulation, language, and fluency.  It also includes a game board!
  6. Articulation Gameboards by Renee Brown SLP– This packet contains articulation game boards for /k/ and /g/ with an electronic spinner.
  7. Pirate Prepositions by The Busy Bee SLP– You will find 16 preposition picture cards with a pirate theme.
  8. Synonym Boom Cards by GoldieTalks Speech– This interactive boom card freebie has an animal pirate theme and provides the main word and a field of three options to find the synonym
  9. Argh! Where’s my Treasure Articulation Activitiy by Mrs. Paulk’s Products – This freebie provides multiple descriptions for students to figure out what /r/ word is being described.  Students then move across a game board.
  10. Penny’s Treasure Hunt Digital Game for /v/ by The Cincy Speechie– This cute treasure hunt digital game features initial /v/.  

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What resources or activities will you be engaging in for Talk like a Pirate Day?  I would love for you to share ideas in the comments below.

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