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Halloween Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday!  I am not huge on dressing up now.  However, I love to see the kids dress up and I enjoy the magic of imagination! Check out ten MORE Halloween freebies that I found. You can find the original 10 freebies (and links to other Halloween Round-ups HERE.

  1. 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate by My Teletherapy Room – This cute boom card set is perfect for Halloween with your Pre-K and early special education classrooms!
  2. Halloween Costumes with Negation by Very Visual SLPs – This boom card set is great for students working on who questions and negation.
  3. Which Letters Articulation Boom Cards by Thumb Bunny Speech– This is an amazing Articulation FREEBIE! It targets /k, g, f, v, j, l, s, r, ch, sh, th/ in intial, medial, and final word positions all with a Halloween theme!
  4. Spooky Speech Word Lists and Activities by Sublime Speech – This packet targets multiple meaning words, antonyms, synonyms, and following directions all with an Autumn theme!
  5. Halloween Main Idea and Details by Just Speechie SLP– Contains 12 Halloween Stories, a main ideas template and a double-wide game board. 
  6. Halloween Idiom Monster Match by SLP Madness – Super cute game matching the Halloween themed idiom with its meaning!
  7. What are they thinking: Social Skills Activity for Halloween by Speech Paths- Great for talking about facial expressions and emotions, perspective taking, and respecting others!
  8. Halloween Roll and Race by Peachie Speechie – Easy to use and keep students engaged with this open-ended worksheet.
  9. Halloween Articulation Word Search by Communication Window – Word searches for /r/ and /s/ with a Halloween vocabulary.
  10. Halloween No Print Interactive Open-Ended Game by Tech n’ Talk SLPs – This fun little interactive no print is perfect for mixed groups or as a reinforcement game.

Looking for more ideas?  Check out these blog posts!

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Do you know of any other great Halloween freebies?  If so, please share in the comments below!

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