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5 Ways to Save BIG on Speech Therapy Materials

Speech-Language Pathologists spend so much of their own funds in an effort to help our students, clients, and patients learn new skills and successfully meet their goals. Personally, I’m so thankful that I have never kept records of all the money I have spent in the 25 years that I have been in the education field either as a Preschool teacher, Special Education Teacher, Speech-Language Pathologist Aide, and/or Speech-Language Pathologist. I’m just thankful that I have spent all of those years creating resources too to help off-set costs when possible.

Another thing that I have always done to help off-set costs was bargain shop! Yes, I am BIG on SAVING money where I can! Who doesn’t appreciate free resources or a good sale? If you are like me, I want to share some of my favorite ways to save big on speech therapy materials!

Teachers Pay Teachers Monthly Sales: Did you know that there are currently three different TPT sales that occur monthly and can save you 50% off on select resources?

  • The #HalfOffSpeech Sale occurs on the 15th of each month on Teachers Pay Teachers. These resources can be used either in-person (standard pdf) and/or contain interactive no print pdfs, PowerPoint games, google slides, and/or boom cards. You can learn more about these sales on Facebook in the SLP Materials & Resources group or the SLP Materials & Resources page.
  • If you are a teletherapist or in need of digital resources to make your job easier, you will want to check out the #SLPsGoDigital Sale that occurs on the 21st of each month! The resources on sale at this time are strictly digital in nature including boom cards, interactive pdfs, google slides and PowerPoint games. To learn more about these sales, you can check out the Facebook SLPs Go Digital Facebook group.
  • Do you work with students that are deaf or have an interest in Deaf Education? If so, there is a new sale that occurs on the 25th of each month – the #DeafEdMustHave sale where you can save 25% on select resources. This sale is not specifically for Speech-Language Pathologists as it consists mostly of Educators of the deaf such as Teachers, Audiologists, and a few Speech-Language Pathologists that specialize. You can learn more about this sale on the Teacher of the Deaf Facebook group.

Social Media Specials & FREEBIES: If you are not on Instagram, I would suggest you give it a try. I know, I am not huge on social media myself since there simply is just not enough time in the day and social media can be a HUGE time-taker as you fall within that rabbit hole! That being said, there are definitely some benefits to being on Instagram and Facebook.

  • SLPs on the different social media platforms are super helpful! Many of us share tips, tricks and suggestions on Instagram and Facebook, inform our followers when a new resource has been posted and on sale, and/or share links to freebies from our stores or blog.
  • Sign up for the newsletters of your favorite SLP bloggers! I know that getting weekly email from so many of us can become tiring to read. However, that also means you have access to even more freebies! Many of us have exclusive libraries full of freebies that you will not find anywhere else or we share freebies and SLP tips and tricks to help make your job easier in our newsletters!

Teachers Pay Teachers Personal Store Sales and Site-Wide Sales: This is an excellent way to save 20-25% off on resources (even more on bundles). Unfortunately, we never know when one will happen. Therefore, this is another reason to sign up for your favorite SLP bloggers newsletters and social media platforms because we can at least alert you when one is about to happen or is currently happening. I would also suggest you make sure you follow your favorite SLP TPT Author’s stores so that you are informed when they post a new resource or hold a personal sale in their store.

Community Retail Savings Locations: I have always found some really great deals in my community stores and fast food locations. I would not suggest making a habit of grabbing these meals to feed your child; however, if you are in a rush and it is one of those days, some of those happy meal deals have some great goodies that you can use later in therapy.

  • Thrifts Stores – local thrift stores, Goodwill, Savers, Second Chance, etc…
  • Dollar Stores and Dollar Aisles – Target dollar aisles, Dollar Store, General Dollar Groceries, .99 cent store, Dollar General, DollarTree, etc…
  • Fast Food Happy Meals- McDonald’s, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Wendy’s, etc…

Personal Community Resources: I have made a habit of checking out yard sales and garage sales when I see them. My husband informs me that I am no longer allowed to purposely search for them since I have spent so much over the years grabbing some good deals. However, he is not opposed to my saving when a deal finds me! You can also get some great deals from colleagues who are retiring or no longer in need of specific resources.

Check out other ideas in the blog post I wrote several years ago about finding resources for less!

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