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10 Spring Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

I love watching the change of season! Each season feels fresh and new and filled with so many opportunities to help our littlest friends and clients with their speech and language skills. Have you started planning out therapy for Spring?  Check out these ten Spring (seasonal) freebies that I found. 

  1. My Articulation Spring Quilt Freebie– Target /s/ in the initial, medial, and final word positions with this freebie. Once completed, students’ work can be put together on a bulletin board to create a quilt and display!
  2. Spring Expanding Sentences with Real Pictures by Language Speech and Literacy– This packet includes 10 real Spring-themed pictures with WHO/WHAT/WHERE prompts to help your student expand their sentences and provide more details.
  3. Spring-themed Conversation Starters by Therapy Materials Vault– This packet contains 8 topic flower visuals with 6 different conversation starters for each of the themes. That is a total of 48 conversational starters!
  4. Spring Vocabulary Cards by Teaching Sensory Explorers– This freebie contains 28 different real picture vocabulary cards. You can easily target receptive identification, labeling, descriptions, function, compare/contrast, and so much more!
  5. 100 Spring Articulation Trials by Ashley Rossi– This freebie contains 5 different pages of 100 trials and can easily be adapted to use in-person with daubers/mini erasers/stickers or in teletherapy with the use of the annotation bar! Although it was originally created for articulation and apraxia trials, I have used them for language trials too, and is great for mixed groups!
  6. Spring Language Pack: Bunnies and Carrots by Peachie Speechie– This packet includes short passages that can be used for vocabulary building, WH-questions, and carryover practice for articulation and fluency techniques. It also contains pages targeting prepositions, plural nouns, quantitative concepts, description, and more!
  7. Spring Time Absurdities by Lindsey Karol– This freebie contains 30 different sentence absurdities and is great to target language skills but also carryover articulation.
  8. Spring-themed Match-It Boom Cards by Speechzella– This is a super cute boom card set where students look for the two matching pictures on each slide. This is a great way to target categories, description, compare/contrast, function, and articulation carryover!
  9. Spring Idiom Task Cards by My Speech Tools– This freebie includes 45 idiom task cards. Although it does not include the definitions for the task cards, you can make a fun matching game by making two copies of this freebie and once the kids find a match, you can teach the meaning and have them use it in a sentence.
  10. Spring-themed Home Therapy Packet by Tools to Grow– This is a wonderful packet that you can share information with parents or use in your own therapy sessions. It contains a book list, vocabulary cards for sorting, a spring-themed reinforcer, wh-questions, etc. This is a wonderful freebie for collaborating with your school OT!

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