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10 Free Resources to Help Parents Facilitate Speech and Language at Home

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I feel that a good portion of my job is parent education and helping parents find fun and functional ways to work on the carryover of skills and facilitate speech and language skills at home. When I first started as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I typically assigned extra “homework” to my students that consisted of printed-out pages for drill work. Like many of us do, I learned the hard way that going the “homework” route may help some families but it does not help the majority of my families because time is valuable. Family time is even more valuable. What kind of memory would you prefer a child to walk away with – working on handouts and drills or spending time reading books, playing games, and cooking in the kitchen with their parent?

Check out these ten free resources that I found to help parents facilitate speech and language at home. Although there are 10 links below to downloadable resources, some of the links actually include more than one resource! Jackpot!

  1. Speech and Language Handouts for Parents by Primary Punch – This download contains 25 different handouts! Seriously! It has 25 different handouts to help educate parents on ways they can help their child with articulation, fluency, language, topic maintenance, core words, and so much more!
  2. Speech Practice on the Go by A Perfect Blend – This handout provides suggestions for different language goals that can be targeted while in the car.
  3. Selective Mutism Parent/Teacher Handout by Speak Up Speech – This handout was created to give a general understanding of how to interact with our students with Selective Mutism.
  4. Pediatric Feeding Handout by Jenny’s Feeding Gear – This freebie provides information on tips and suggestions that parents can make feeding time fun.
  5. Parent Handout for Toddlers and Early Intervention by a Gift of Gab – This freebie contains strategies and techniques that parents can use to encourage language at home. Information is provided in both English and Spanish.
  6. Language Through Everyday Interactions by Speech and Language Family Education – This handout provides quick and easy ways that parents can create a language-enriched home. Information is provided in both English and Spanish.
  7. Facilitate Expressive and Receptive Language at Home by Speech2Teach – This freebie contains separate handouts for receptive language and expressive language suggestions.
  8. AAC Modeling for Parents by Ms. Petersen SLP – This handout promotes parent modeling and provides suggestions on ways parents can incorporate it into their routine.
  9. Help Children Develop a Healthy Attitude by Stuttering Therapy Resources – This is a wonderful freebie to share with parents for our students that stutter!
  10. Tips for Caregivers for Articulation by A Simple Home SLP – Great tips and suggestions for parents working at home with their children on articulation.

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