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10 Fourth of July Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

After this past school year, I decided that I definitely needed to take the time to replenish my energy and spend time with family. However, I know that not all of us get our Summers off and some of us are still providing services during July. Check out these ten 4th of July freebies that I found for you.

  1. Map, Mash & Mark: Fourth of July Conversational Exchange – These cute bookmarks include speech and language facts and quotes.
  2. Fourth of July Preschool Language Unit by Itty Bitty Speech – Preschool Language unit targeting action words, pronouns, and vocabulary.
  3. All about 4th of July Lapbook by The Speech Attic – This lap book freebie includes a Nonfiction passage about why we celebrate this holiday with comprehension questions, Tier 2 vocabulary words, and more.
  4. 100 Trials 4th of July Challenge by Peachie Speechie – This open-ended freebie is a great way to get 100 trials in and/or to use as an open-ended game by adding a die and having students race to color in all of the fireworks.
  5. 4th of July Descriptive Scene by Speech and Language Therapy Cafe – This freebie includes a one-page pictured scene where you can work on wh questions, pronouns, prepositions, and narration.
  6. 4th of July Language Activities by Speechie Sparkle – This packet targets vocabulary matching, categories, following directions, wh questions, and can be used for articulation carryover too!
  7. Social Story: Fourth of July by HaydenSLP – This is a simple social story that you can share with your students and their families that share what to expect and requests to make if the fireworks are too loud.
  8. Flag Token Board Boom Cards by Communication CrAZe – This boom deck is a quick way to keep track of trials and/or to use as a token board.
  9. Following Directions 4th of July Freebie by Kathy Babineau – This freebie can be used with the included directions or used as an open-ended page to create more complex directions.
  10. 4th of July Thumbprint Art and Articulation by Panda Speech – This fun packet targets initial /r/, r-blends and has three open-ended thumbprint art pages.

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