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10 Fluency (Stuttering) Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

Fluency (Stuttering) Therapy is an area that I have heard many colleagues report that they are not comfortable treating for a wide variety of reasons.

  • I do not feel that I had enough training
  • I have had very few students that stutter on my caseload (or it has been years and I lack the experience)
  • I do not want to do more harm than good and fluency therapy has an emotional component
  • I would not even know where to really start – we did not go over in detail the different treatment options or techniques

Check out these ten Fluency freebies that I found to help get you started.

  1. Fluency Enhancing Behaviors Visual Supports by Lauren LaCour Haines – These helpful visual can be used to teach strategies and provides a definition on how they are used and if it is a timing technique vs. a tension technique.
  2. Fluency Home Practice Packet by Peachie Speechie – This is an amazing packet to help get you started and to review fluency shaping strategies vs. stuttering modification techniques, the speech machine, and more!
  3. Fluency Skills Brochere by Primary Punch – A helpful brochere to share with teachers and parents.
  4. No Prep Speech Game Companion for Fluency by Speech Therapy Plans – This freebie is a wonderful way to incorporate games while targeting use of strategies.
  5. Fluency Tower by Activity Tailor – Game mats to use to target fluency while playing Jenga.
  6. Fluency Treatment Example Goals by Brown Cub Speech Therapy – Examples and reasons for different goal suggestions.
  7. Speech Therapy Stuttering Activities by The Gift of Gab – A packet full of information and activity ideas.
  8. My Fluency/Stuttering Journal by Kaits Confident Communicators– Help students and families track disfluency patterns.
  9. Fluency Situation Anxiety Scale by the Linguistop – This freebie can help your students share how much anxiety/fear certain situations may provide for them.
  10. Telephone Therapy Activity by Shining Speech Therapy – Great for older elementary students to middle school.

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