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Easter Books for Literacy-Based Speech Therapy

Have you been using literacy-based lessons in speech?  Using books is a wonderful way to target articulation, language, phonology, apraxia, and fluency!  It is easy to utilize books in teletherapy too!  The best part is that if you are using books during teletherapy, you can complete some parent training on

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St. Patrick’s Day Books for Literacy-Based Speech Therapy

Literacy-based lessons work wonders in Speech therapy!  I especially love using with mixed groups and preschool students to target articulation, phonology, language, and fluency. Some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day books are mentioned below along with what goals you can easily target with the book! There was an Old

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10 St. Patrick’s Day Freebies for Speech Therapy

  Are you ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in speech therapy?!  I am!  I feel that using holiday-themed resources breaks up my lesson plans and brings a bit of excitement to the lessons. Check out these ten themed freebies for St. Patrick’s day! St. Patrick’s Day Language Pack by

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Spring Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

Spring is on its way!  Check out what I will be using for therapy starting next month. RESOURCES for MIXED GROUPS DURING SPRING: Apraxia Blooms Speech & Language Craft SPEECH and LANGUAGE BLOOMS:  These fun crafts make the cutest take-home for students to practice their speech and language skills. I have

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Valentines Day Books for Literacy-Based Speech Therapy

Using books to provide speech therapy just makes sense since you can target articulation, phonology, language, and fluency. I have a lot of favorite books and I organize them by theme, season/holiday, sounds, language concepts, etc.. Check out why I love these Valentine’s day books! There was an Old Lady

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10 Valentine’s Day Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

Valentine’s day is approaching!  I love incorporating fun holiday activities whenever I can in therapy.  I feel that it breaks up my lesson plans and brings a bit of excitement to the lessons. Check out these ten Valentine’s Day-themed freebies I found! Grab my Valentine’s Day Conversational Exchange Mats – This

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Ways to Engage in Self-Care for the Speech Therapist

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make yourself a priority.   It’s necessary.”  -Mandy Hale Do you take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically?  I will admit (with shame) that I do not engage in enough self-care.  All of my time and energy goes

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