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Category: Literature

Summer Books for Literacy-based Speech Therapy

I love using books with students during therapy.  In fact, reading books with my own daughter was a wonderful way to connect with her, build her receptive and expressive vocabulary, provide multiple opportunities for exposure, and encourage a love for literature. Here are a few of my favorite Summer-themed books

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Spring Books for Literacy-based Speech Therapy

Reading books with children encourages a love for literature, provides multiple opportunities to build vocabulary in a meaningful way, and an engaging way to build speech and language skills.  These are a few of my favorite Spring-themed books and a short-list of targeted goals that can be addressed using the

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Winter Books for Literacy-based Speech Therapy

I love using books to target speech and language skills!  I also believe strongly that it is one of the best ways to encourage and facilitate a love for literature with kids.  Looking through my bookshelves for Winter books, it was really difficult to choose just three! There are so

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Easter Books for Literacy-Based Speech Therapy

Have you been using literacy-based lessons in speech?  Using books is a wonderful way to target articulation, language, phonology, apraxia, and fluency!  It is easy to utilize books in teletherapy too!  The best part is that if you are using books during teletherapy, you can complete some parent training on

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St. Patrick’s Day Books for Literacy-Based Speech Therapy

Literacy-based lessons work wonders in Speech therapy!  I especially love using with mixed groups and preschool students to target articulation, phonology, language, and fluency. Some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day books are mentioned below along with what goals you can easily target with the book! There was an Old

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