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Category: SLPs on TpT

Improve Quality Of Life By Teaching About Friends

As we all know, personal relationships are important and add quality to our life.  While we have the family we are born into, friends become the family that we choose for ourselves.  Friends add a HUGE amount of quality to our life. A couple of years ago, one of my

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Trolling for Speech Therapy Materials

    Have your student’s mentioned to you over and over that the new Trolls movie is coming out?  Between work and home, I have heard my students and my child mention it a time or two.  It made me wish my childhood home was closer to where I live

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Speech Therapy the week of Halloween

I have said this a million times and I will say it again.  I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  Okay, I love Autumn.  I think it is my favorite season of all (well, that and Spring. Hmm… Summer is great too for obvious reasons)!  I love seeing little dressed up in costume. I

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Five Freebies: Talk Like a Pirate Day

I wanted to share some wonderful freebies I found from some of our fellow speechies on TpT.  There are a lot of wonderful products out there and who doesn’t love free?! These are just a few favorite pirate themed free therapy materials: Pirate Treasure Challenge by Peachie Speechie. This freebie

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5 Tips & Tools to Manage Behaviors

I have seen some AMAZING Speech-Language Pathologists and Practicum Students lose their lesson due to behavior management concerns.  A wonderfully planned lesson can blow up in your face and time can escape you when students are not motivated or negative behaviors are not managed efficiently.  I learned early on that

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Gift Ideas for New SLP Graduates

Graduation is such a special moment.  I think many of us were too relieved that one major hurdle (Grad school) was over and were mentally preparing ourselves for the last one (CF year) to enjoy it.  Therefore, I highly suggest that the new graduates that are joining the rest of

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