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Category: Tips n’ Tricks

5 Helpful Tips to Find Success with Stuttering Therapy

Stuttering therapy can cause anxiety and frustration for everyone!  For you, it may increase your heart rate just thinking “How do I do this effectively and not cause emotional harm to this child?”  For your students, it may just be overwhelming and frustrating.  Why does stuttering therapy cause this reaction

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5 Ways to Save BIG on Speech Therapy Materials

Speech-Language Pathologists spend so much of their own funds in an effort to help our students, clients, and patients learn new skills and successfully meet their goals. Personally, I’m so thankful that I have never kept records of all the money I have spent in the 25 years that I

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Improve Quality Of Life By Teaching About Friends

As we all know, personal relationships are important and add quality to our life.  While we have the family we are born into, friends become the family that we choose for ourselves.  Friends add a HUGE amount of quality to our life. A couple of years ago, one of my

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How to Engage Middle School Students in Speech Therapy

Let’s be real for a moment.  If you look at the BIG companies that sell us resources to target speech and language skills, you won’t find much geared towards our secondary age students. In fact, recently I compiled a list of speech and language games that are commercially out there

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