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10 Better Hearing and Speech Month Freebies

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)! Unfortunately, not many people know about BHSM.  Even though I was a Special Education Teacher for years before becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist, I never knew about Better Hearing and Speech Month nor was I ever informed about vocal abuse as a Teacher. I think we all need to step up and share more about vocal hygiene and caring for our hearing. Check out these ten BHSM freebies that I found for you on Teachers Pay Teachers.

  1. BHSM Bookmarks by Queen’s Speech – These cute bookmarks include speech and language facts and quotes.
  2. BHSM Activities and Bulletin Board Display by Short and Sweet Speech – Super cute and informational bulletin board display.
  3. Better Hearing and Speech Awareness Packet by Natalie Snyders– This awareness packet would have been so helpful when I was teaching! It includes informational handouts, tags for water bottles and highlighters, and more!
  4. Better Hearing and Speech Tags by Speech Chick Therapy – These freebie tags for water bottles and snickers candy bars include information about vocal hygiene.
  5. BHSM Teacher Handout by Speech-Language Pirates – This freebie includes handouts for teachers about what SLPs can do to help students and teachers to communicate effectively.
  6. BHSM Month Calendar and Activities by Speech Rocks – This packet includes a May calendar filled with speech and language activities and several pages of conversation task cards.
  7. Fortune Teller for Better Hearing and Speech Month by SLPTalk with Desire – This Fortune Teller not only shares fun facts about speech and language but would be great for working on following directions!
  8. No Print Interactive BHSM Activities by Thumb Bunny Speech – This cute No Print has students figuring out who the ears belong to for different animals and targets identifying loud sounds versus soft sounds.
  9. BHSM Articulation Secret Codes Boom Deck by Kiwi Speech – This boom deck targets five articulation sounds and focuses on speech and language terms.
  10. Better Hearing and Speech Month Triorama by Creative Speech Lab – This fun packet targets /s/ using a fun triorama. You can also target following directions, passage comprehension, articulation carryover and story retell.

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