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Category: Improving SLP Services

5 Helpful Tips to Find Success with Stuttering Therapy

Stuttering therapy can cause anxiety and frustration for everyone!  For you, it may increase your heart rate just thinking “How do I do this effectively and not cause emotional harm to this child?”  For your students, it may just be overwhelming and frustrating.  Why does stuttering therapy cause this reaction

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10 Better Hearing and Speech Month Freebies

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)! Unfortunately, not many people know about BHSM.  Even though I was a Special Education Teacher for years before becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist, I never knew about Better Hearing and Speech Month nor was I ever informed about vocal abuse as a Teacher.

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Ways to Engage in Self-Care for the Speech Therapist

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make yourself a priority.   It’s necessary.”  -Mandy Hale Do you take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically?  I will admit (with shame) that I do not engage in enough self-care.  All of my time and energy goes

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How to Engage Middle School Students in Speech Therapy

Let’s be real for a moment.  If you look at the BIG companies that sell us resources to target speech and language skills, you won’t find much geared towards our secondary age students. In fact, recently I compiled a list of speech and language games that are commercially out there

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Solutions for Large Speech-Language Caseloads

For many of us, we have experienced the overloaded caseload. You know, the caseload consisting of 60+ students and all of them have Individual Education Plans with a lot of service delivery time to be upheld.  How can we service them all successfully so that the students get what they

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